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Ages 25+ years old

This is the Club's recreational adult program for ages 25 and up, but offers as well competitive opportunities for everyone, including novices.  Participants will have access to kayaks and canoes, as well as the war canoe.

The Masters season culminates in the Canadian Masters Championships (CANMAS ) and it is reasonable to expect to compete in this event in even your first year of paddling.  Finally, despite all the racing, there is a strong emphasis on learning skills, having fun and social interacting.

Here is what you need to know for the paddling season:

Training schedule - Start time for on-water spring training TBA for May 2005

Coaching Staff
    Masters Coordinator:            Mari Ellery
    A.M. Small Boats Coach:      Sara Jones and Leigh Roworth
    War Canoe Coach:                 Mari Ellery
    War Canoe Cox:                      Shawn Dinn
    C-1 Coach:                                Mari Ellery
    K-1 Coach:                                Sara Jones
    Coaches:                                    Leigh Roworth, TIm Sweeney, Christine Bain

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                                  2005 regatta information

CANMAS - 2005 Championships in Montreal (Sept 4, 2005)
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