Balmy Beach Canoe Club

Club Administration

The management of the affairs of The Balmy Beach Canoe Club is vested entirely in its Executive Board. The Executive consists of the offices of  Commodore, 1st Vice-Commodore, 2nd Vice-Commodore, Rear Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Past Commodore, a Paddlers’ Representative, the Head Coach and Executive appointed Directors. 

The Club is a non-profit organization whose expenses are considerably higher than Club registration fees. Fundraising activities are required to maintain operations and to provide professionally coached programs and up-to-date competitive equipment.  

The Club coaching staff is required to have various degrees of accreditation in the National Coaching Certificate Program, training in C.P.R. and Safety and First Aid, and to have the authorized Harbour Commission/Port Authority motor boat license(s). No one without a boat license may drive a boat. All Club coaches, boat drivers and officials are aware of the code of safety of the Ontario Canoe Sprint Racing Affiliation of Canoe Ontario and will enforce it.


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