Dates: July 3rd to August 10th, Tuesday- Friday
Time: 9:30-11:30 am
Cost: $350 for full season, $150 for any 2 wk
Age: 7-10

This is our entry point for summer paddling programs for boys and girls. With an emphasis on fun, the program teaches the basics of water safety; how to paddle a canoe and kayak and the importance of team work. Participants will get the opportunity to participate in a regional championship held in Richmond Hill on August 8th.


Dates:   July 3rd to August 17th, Tues - Friday 9:30 to 1:00pm
Time:   9:30am-1:00pm
Cost:    $450 for season
Age:     11-14

The Summer Canoe Camp is designed for kids ages 11 to 14. Emphasis is on learning the FUNdamentals of paddling with a variety of skills, drills and games - Kids will learn to paddle with others in war canoe and kayak team boats. We will also be participating in active land activities for fun and fitness to complement on water training. Paddlers in this program will participate in regional regattas held throughout the summer.


Dates:   May to August; May – June, 3 times/week (see schedule)
July 3rd to August 17th, Tues - Friday
Time:   9:30am - 1:00pm
Cost:    $450 for season
Age:     11-14

The Race Ready program is designed for kids ages 11 to 14. In the spring practices are held 3 times per week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings in May and June. For July and August this group practices 4 mornings per week. This program is ideal for athletic kids who love a challenge. Emphasis is on racing in singles and crew boats. These athletes will participate in various regattas throughout the summer.



Dates:   July 3rd to August 17th attend regular Program: Tues - Friday
Time:   9:30 to 1:00pm plus additional practices as scheduled by Coach.
Cost:    Summer season $550, Winter training, $250
Age:     11-14

The Competitive Bantam Program builds on the skills acquired in Race Ready Program and includes the regular sessions as well as additional practices two to three times a week at the discretion of the Competitive Bantam Coach. Participants are selected by the Competitive Bantam Coach in consultation with the Bantam Coordinator. This program will prepare athletes for the development program and for more competitive training.




Dates:   Year Round Program
Time:   30 am, 4:15 pm (Schedule is subject to change throughout season)
Cost:    Summer fees $550 Winter fees $250
Age:     15-18

A competitive sprint racing program designed to prepare younger athletes for high performance training for regional and national competition. Emphasis is on learning to train to compete, as well as on skill development, technique and personal fitness. The competitive bantam and race ready programs will prepare kids to move on to the development program.



Dates:   Year round program
Time:   7:30 am, 4:15 pm (Schedule is subject to change throughout season)
Cost:    Summer Fees $650 Winter Fees $350
Age:     17+

The High Performance Program is for elite, mature athletes and highly experienced paddlers. The goal of this program is achieving excellence and results on a national level. Racing season practices are 7-12 times per week, off season practices are 6-8 times per week.


Dates:   May to August
Time:   May and June practices held once per week, July and August three times per week
Cost:    $300 for season
Age:     15+


While all participants in Club programs are encouraged to participate in the War Canoe Program, it is also offered as a stand-alone program. War canoe paddling skills are taught with personal fitness and team building being an integral part of the program. Crews can expect to participate in multiple regional regattas from June until August, and attend Western Ontario Division trials for the Ontario Championships and National Championships. Selection of crews at regattas will be the decision of the coaches. Skill and participation at practices will be determining factors.


Dates: Year Round Program
Time:   Tuesday, Thursday 7:00-9:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am (During the winter Saturday at 8:00 am replaces the Sunday practice)
Cost:    Paddling Fee $330
Balmy Beach Club Social Membership $260 +GST
All Masters MUST also be members of the Balmy Beach Club
Age: 25 +

The Masters Program provides a fun and relaxed paddling program for adults. Participants learn the basics of kayak, canoe, and war canoe.There are four regional regattas open to Masters during
May to September. The summer culminates with the CANMAS
Masters Championships in late August (held on the Sunday
immediately following the National Championships). The CANMAS championships are not based on qualification and anyone can enter regardless of skill level or experience. There is a novice category for paddlers in their first season in the sport.The Masters Program offers an excellent way to improve
personal fitness and to meet people. During the winter season, training involves swimming, running and weight training.h


The dragon boat program is geared to teams needing practice time in
preparation for various dragon boat festivals in the Toronto area and
beyond. Teams usually book a set number of practices in the
weeks/months leading up to their respective race events.
All equipment is provided by the club. Coaching is also available.
Teams looking to book boat time should contact our dragon boat